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Meet athlete and Blacksheep teammate, Shaun Tichenor

by Mandi T

Meet athlete and Blacksheep teammate, Shaun Tichenor

Meet athlete and Blacksheep teammate, Shaun Tichenor IG: @shaun_tich is a SFC in the US Army and recently competed in Rio on the Paralympic Shooting Team.

In 2010 Shaun came back into the Army after a 9-year break in service. In 2011 he deployed to Southern Afghanistan. He was a team leader with 1-32 IN 10th MTN Div. Shaun and his team were on their way back to their outpost after an overnight patrol when he stepped on a pressure plate IED. He was shipped back to the states where they tried to save his foot; after a month + of unsuccessful attempts, they amputated his leg below the knee.

After 7 months of rehab at Walter Reed, Shaun was found fit for duty and able to stay active duty. At the same time, the US Army Marksmanship Unit was starting a Paralympic section with the end goal being to send Shaun and his team to the Paralympics in Rio. After 3 years of intense training on pistol and numerous international matches against the best in the world, Shaun earned his slot on the 2016 Paralympic shooting team; he fulfilled a dream of representing his country and the Army in Rio. He is looking to transfer to the Army World Class Athlete program but remains at Ft Benning to continue training with the best.

Shaun recently had back surgery in November and has one more surgery scheduled for January. He is currently in physical therapy and is looking forward getting healthy again.

When I asked Shaun what he'd like to share while being a part of Team Blacksheep, he said: The message I hope to spread is there is life after injury, disability or any other obstacle. I want people to be aware of all the great things they can accomplish.

We are stoked to have you on Team Blacksheep, Shaun! And thank you for your continued service to our county.

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