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Partner Profile - NRA Life of Duty Network


NRA Life of Duty, presented by Brownells, is the National Rifle Association’s premier platform for paying tribute to and providing resources for America’s military, law enforcement and first responder personnel.

Originally launched in 2010, this online video channel contains original programming designed to take the viewer into the heart and mind of our nations finest. The Patriot Profiles, sponsored by Smith & Wesson, tell the true stories of American heroes in long form, monthly documentaries. LtCol Oliver North and Chuck Holton report from various locations around the globe in Frontlines, sponsored by FNH USA. The channel’s newest series Defending our America, sponsored by Sig Sauer, features a raw look into what it takes to truly protect the American people. NRA Life of Duty also has a complimentary digital magazine – NRA American Warrior, presented by  Bushmaster, which features tools, tips and Colt Warrior Feature stories all designed with the modern day warrior in mind.

The NRA Life of Duty team is comprised up of an incredibly devoted production team, many of which have served in one way or another themselves.

We had an opportunity to sit down with some of the individuals who work to make this content possible on a regular basis. Here is what they had to say:

Q: How did NRA Life of Duty start?

The goal of NRA Life of Duty has always been to honor the men and women who serve this country in uniform in a positive way; a way to give back to those who have given so much. NRA wanted to honor those who serve in uniform by sharing stories and information specifically related to them. Stories of service, sacrifice and success that honor them and their needs. From inspiring profiles of courage and sacrifice to tools of their trade; those who serve on the frontline of freedom and the industries that support them all deserve our recognition and we knew there was plenty to report. Since its launch, we have never looked back and we strive everyday to make each aspect of NRA Life of Duty better and better. Its continued growth and popularity inspires each and every one of us involved in it. 

Q: What goes into the design and production process of an episode of Patriot Profiles?  What have been some of your favorite accomplishments?
The design and production of each NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profile has always been about trust and relationships. It takes a lot for those who normally don’t seek the spotlight to be willing to trust someone with their story or the story of their loved ones. We want lasting relationships with those who invite us into their lives. Like the heroes we profile, we have no desire to embellish events or facts about an individual or an event. Our stories are often raw, revealing and emotional. The process captures the nature of real people telling stories in a vulnerable way that’s never about acting a part, scripting dialogue or exaggerating facts. We don’t storyboard or script a Patriot Profile before we go out to film them; rather, we let the story tell itself. There is a humble, genuine and “why me” nature that is seen in those whose story we have shared. We have a great job because we spend the vast amount of our time in the company of heroes and such great Americans. We have a wonderful team of people really committed to getting these stories right. From our cinematographers to the editing team, those who mix the music to those that design the graphics and animations every single person on the team knows the importance of getting it right, keeping it honest and maintaining the trust of those we serve.

Q: When it comes time for some MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation), what does the Life of Duty Network Team do?
We’re really lucky in that, we are truly able to bond over NRA Life of Duty content. Telling the stories of these incredible heroes is a bonding experience unlike any other and honestly how we choose to spend most of our time. Outside of this, our NRA Life of Duty team stays active—from skydiving to scuba diving, rock climbing to adventure racing, hunting to other shooting sports—most of our team is always engaged and on the go.

We want to thank the NRA Life of Duty Network team for taking the time to sit down with us so that we can share their story with you and their mission.

"Freedom is no heritage. Preservation of freedom is a fresh challenge and a fresh conquest for each generation."

This is why we believe and support and the NRA Life of Duty Network. These stories must be told. They remind us that freedom is not free, it is sacrificed and fought for everyday.

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