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Building Honor Thread


Honor Thread started because we wanted to raise funds for a military charity event.

Inspired by Scott Brown, U.S. Marine, Iraq Combat Veteran and lead singer in the Scooter Brown Band.  In 2013, he started #HeroHike, an event to raise awareness for wounded veterans and raise money for Base Camp 40 Warriors in the Wild (501c3).

We became involved by donating 100% of the profit proceeds from a shirt sale.


Building an All American Shirt Company:

This turned out to be one of the toughest endeavors to make happen. And soon realized why no one was doing it; it costs more.

Found made in U.S.A. shirts, but the material origin was not 100% American Cotton. Found 100% American Cotton, but manufactured in factories abroad.

We wanted to be able to put "100% American Cotton - Made in U.S.A." on the inside label. Everything would come to a screeching halt when we asked that. This is where the meat meets the metal. Label tags are controlled by the Federal Wool and Trade Act. By law, you have to list the origin and manufacture of your shirt.

It's the right thing to do. By doing so, we're supporting American worker's to cut, sew and manufacture our shirts in the United States. And in this economy it's even more important to keep jobs in America.

There is a big difference in our printing.  We use a discharge process, where it bleaches the shirt to the original color (kind of a bone-white), then it is re-dyed. Soft hand additives in the inks and dyes are used, so that it does not feel like plastic and is breathable. We want you to be able to sweat in the shirt and not have it stick to you.

If our men and women give so much in service to our country; we should do everything we can to give back.  As part of our mission statement, we give back proceeds from sales to support military charities.

We made the pricing simple and straight forward for both the shirts and shipping.

Symbolism of our Logo:
The flag is not backwards. This is the direction of the flag moving forward. Starting this, we faced a mountain. Now it's time to climb and keep moving.

Thank you Scott for the inspiration.



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